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Project Directive: Adapt a paper based marketing approach for the scheduling, running and followup of marketing meetings giving national sales teams the opportunity to educate on new and existing products to doctors and healthcare professionals of the medical community in a digital platform.

  1. Research and analyze competitive pharmaceutical companies and their approach to marketing stratgies for the scheduling and running of engagement meetings
  2. Meet with marketing department to determine user requirements in an agile environmet
  3. Build cohesive task flows that exceeds requirements for scheduling, running, and finishing of meetings for the purpose of advancing stakeholder interests
  4. Creation of an intuitive interface that pairs with existing Bristol Myers-Squibb databases for the scheduling of "Lunch and Learn" events
  5. Design of hi-fidelity screens for web and tablet devices permiting end-users to create, verify, and manage existing events and attendee lists of a medical professionals thus ending the existing and outdated "paper based" system