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Project Directive: The design of a demonstrable proof of concept (POC) for MasterCard reflecting the Metro Transit Authority (MTA), providing a seamless user experience around personas blending them with MasterCard Priceless Experiences, the MasterCard QKR app for splitting a bill at a restaurant, ordering food online or the purchase of tickets for the cinema, and a built-in "intelligent assistant" that enables users to take advantage of reward opportunities; in addition to reminders of calendar events and common activities of the end-users daily life for the local commuter, the business traveller, or leisure activities.

  1. Research and analyze competitive navigation apps of the greater New York area to ascertain feature sets
  2. Create interface for origin, destination, offering MasterCard Special Locations with cost and directions instituted with a map overlay
  3. Creation of map overlay provideing options for subway, bus, rail, walking, or cycling
  4. Institute MasterCard Priceless experiences with navigational reroute
  5. Design interactivity for leisure places of interest with destination log for resturants, movies, theater, parks, and landmark destinations with various buy categories
  6. Generate MasterCard datapoints, or purchase from MasterCard merchant locations and have the purcased product shipped
City Planner
Embark NYC
Use Case Persona Example
 Sample Commuter Persona Example
Use Case Task Flow (Journey Map)
Storyboard Task Flow
MasterCard Splash Wireframe MasterCard Transit Wireframe  MasterCard QKR Wireframe