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Case Study

Project Directive: Update Application from Windows 8 to the recently released Windows 10 platform and architectural standards while retaining existing properties and functionality.

  1. Align design style to Windows 10 platform for web and mobile devices
  2. Creation of all UI iconography and menu interface
  3. Design selectable criteria for home or rental searchs and viewing
  4. Compose the ability to quickly swipe to see rich and detailed photos of real estate properties, apartments for rent and homes for rent
  5. Institute Draw (and undraw) your end-users custom search area directly on a Bing map
  6. Correlate notes on properties you like within the “My notes” section using Win10 Pen and Ink functionality; rate listings and save!
  7. Provide easy access to the main menu from all screens (split-screen menu)
  8. Allow end-users to "Pin" their searchs within the Win10 start screen